Let Me Explain The Tragedy of Christmas

As soon as the month of December comes people begin to get all crazy and anxious for the Christmas holiday. Everyone becomes concerned with what they shall be receiving from others and what they must get to present to their loved ones. The month of December is not kind to yearly shoppers. It is best to do Christmas shopping early so you do not run into problems such as crowdedness, limited supply of items and the chaos instilled.
Christmas shopping is a disaster no one wants to put up with, especially when stores put many items on sale for a limited time for the holidays. The malls and all outside stores become more busy than usual and are visited by many people. The large crowds make shopping take longer, which makes it become more difficult. Sometimes it is best to go shopping by yourself so that you will not have to worry about others and having to stop at extra places. You would be able to just go from store to store. When I went to the mall this prior weekend I was not shopping for Christmas just yet, but I was in search of possible gifts to purchase. The lines at every store I visited were monstrous and there was barely any room in the store. I can not deal with being over-crowded, so lucky I did not stay for long.
During the holidays, stores like to put mostly all items available on sale, but for a limited time only. This means that more people shall come to shop and most of the desirable items shall be gone and you would have to wait until the store gets another shipment, which could takes days or a few weeks. While in Old Navy, I noticed that they were offering an unbelievable sale. There were so many things I wanted to purchase, but I did not have the money at the time. Hopefully when I get money this weekend the items I wanted will still be there because there was not a lot left and there is not telling if the sale is still going on.
With the limited sales and the massive amount of people with a goal to get gifts at the best price, chaos is sure to come. It gets dangerous when shopping at Christmas time because people are always trying to by the best stuff to please other people at any means necessary. It is like entering survival of the fittest when entering a mall with many sales and the employees do not make it any easier as they continuous try to interest you in buying their product. While I was looking through Forever21, I felt that the employees were trying to make me buy the clothes that were laid out. They kept trying to point me toward sales and show me items they knew I would love to purchase. I had to quickly look then leave the store.
Christmas time is a very merry moment of the year. A time for laughter, fun, family and sales and chaotic citizens who are set to get what they want with no thought of other people. Tis’ the season for giving and getting, and when you step foot out of the house and into the mall, know that you will be getting thrown into the wild where Christmas joy for someone else’s family comes first and your feelings come last.

By jacquelynnichele Posted in English