Washington and Dubois: Two Great Men with Similar Aspirations

I believe both Dubois and Washington had very valid points. I do not believe that neither man was trying to put any Negro down, but more so uplift them. There are some major differences that cause each man to react as they do and to choose their chose of diction carefully as well.
Washington is giving a speech in front of whites and Negro. He was personally asked to conduct his speech. A speech takes less time to prepare and because he is faced with a mixed audience Washington must appeal to both races. This is why he must be careful with his word choice. He must speak the truth without actually saying it.
The instant he spoke of the Negros, calling them ignorant and inexperience was the first attention grabber that interested the white audience, but when he says, “It is not strange in the first few years of our new life we begin at the top instead of the bottom” (Washington 1), that is when he began to appeal to the Negros. After working such mediocre jobs for many years, the desire of more challenging working habits are desired. Since they were once denied the finer things in life, as in education, reading, political voices, etc. one would first be looking forward to attain the things that were at one time unreachable to many.
The most interesting part of the speech was when he spoke of the people lost at sea and them having to cast down their buckets to acquire fresh water to quench their thirst. To the whites he could have possibly been saying that the Negros must cast down their buckets unto them to better their selves and to learn from their white counterparts, but to his fellow Negros he was saying that they must not flee to the North in hopes of a better life but stay in the South and create that life. They must cast down their buckets where they currently are and continue to build up this civilization that once and still does thrive upon them. You must befriend your enemy for your own continuation.
I was unsure of what he meant in the fifth paragraph, but my interpretation is that though a percentage of the Negros are to continue life by working with their hands, there are ways they are able to enhance it by dignifying and glorifying there prosperity.
To the whites Washington wishes to say that they, as well, need to cast down their buckets to the thousands of Negros amongst them who have befriended them, nurtured and cared for them, giving them what riches they have today. Do not put them down, but uplift them.
This speech is both moving and inspiring to both races. I believe that Washington did an exceptional job with uniting the races more than they once were.
Dubois, on the other hand, had the privilege to create and essay which takes more time, proof reading and editing. It does not seem that Dubois was too concerned at the thoughts of the white men upon his writing. He seemed more concerned about getting out his message.
As Dubois speaks of the Talented Ten he is basically stating that there are a select few within every generation, within every race that are selected to uplift, inspire and lead their people to prosperity. The first task at hand though would be to pick out the men and men are hard to come by. “Men we shall have only as we make manhood the object of the work of the schools” (Dubois ¶1), anything else would produce something different. I agree with Dubois to a certain extent. Manhood would be the first object, but there could be others that followed, as in money and technical skills. It is always good to come upon someone who is multitalented. Why can’t you be a man who knows how to make money and can be an artisan?
The task of the people who are to help guide those who are of the Talented Ten ask to show how these men are worthy of leadership, how they are educated and developed and show relation to the Negro problem. The Negro problem is under a wide variety of things, but I believe it is only a stereotype. The things that are said and how Negros is portrayed gives them the thought that they are as everyone says and that is not true. There is only one Negro problem, and that is everyone else who influence and support such ludicrous thoughts.
Dubois reflects back upon history giving examples of people categorized under the Talented Ten, also known as the Revolutionary Group of Distinguished Negros. He mentions Phillis Wheatley, Paul Cuffe, Benjamin Banneker, Dr. James Derham and Lemuel Haynes. These notable people where the first inspirational leaders of the Talented Ten, possessing special marked abilities that made them unique. Sadly their existence shortly faded into forgetfulness, but their presence was not fully gone but showed through others who came along.
These references give Negros something to look back upon history and to be proud of, encouraging those who still see the racial tension between races to act and to do as their forefathers did. Dubois explains that after the creation of the First Negro Convention in Philadelphia (1831), the Negro leaders became closer to the white men and began to make movements that swept the nation. These people stand as the winning possibilities of the Negro race. I was well impressed and pleased with Dubois’s writing so far, but when it came to the point where he question or current generation, I wasn’t too sure what response to give.
Who are the current leaders of our time who are guiding the Negro race? There are few, but few is not enough because the few we have are struggling and need others there for backup. “All men can not go to college, but some men must” (Dubois ¶15) and those that must, will be the backbones we are looking for.
Both men make very valid points and together their overall message is that we must come together s a race, not forgetting where we came from and who we came from. We are a race of pure intelligence and hold the spirit of greatness. We must uplift each other and not run away from the obstacles that stand ahead of us, but grasp each other’s hands and take on the challenge head first.

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Me? Your Next Miss Teen 2012?

Yesterday, February 21, 2012, I was escorted by my close friend Symien 30 minutes away from school to the Crown Plaza Hotel. My reason for going was because the weekend prior to this week I had received a letter in the mail from Virginia. A woman named Patty Ann was addressing me, telling me that I was referred to her by someone I know. The letter was for the 2012 Miss Teen Pageant. I was very ecstatic to receive this information. I have never been in a pageant before, but I have seen many on TV. I was also in shock, wondering why I would be recommended for a pageant when I have never done anything close to it. Regardless, I was asked if I was interested and if so then there would be an interest meeting Tuesday February 21ST at 5:30pm sharp. I was very unclear if I even wanted to participate because the first thing I thought about when the word pageant was mentioned were tons of white females who have been doing pageants since they could walk, and how could I compete with that? None the less, I said what the heck and went to the interest meeting. I felt somewhat out of place because it was a lot of white people. It’s nothing racist because I use to go to mixed schools, but since 8TH grade and up I’ve been at all black schools, so it kind of just through me out of the presence of other races.
When I got to the Crown Plaza I was directed to the back to sign in. They asked us to wear clothing as if we were going to an interview, to bring a picture of ourselves, to bring pen and paper to take notes and to arrive 15-20 minutes early. Even though I arrived early, I was disappointed that we did not start on time. Once everyone got settled we were introduced to a woman, whose name escapes me, who would be guiding us throughout the pageant. She gave us a brief background information on her life. One thing interesting I remember is that she said during the week she works with teens that are HIV positive and contracted it through drugs and other related substances and during the week she worked with pageant girls. It was awkward, but cool at the same time.
While the hostess was giving a brief run through of the pageant I and other girls were escorted outside of the room to turn in our papers we received and to do a brief interview. I believe I did well. Once returning to the room we viewed a video of the previous year’s pageant. It seemed like so much fun and it excited me. The one thing that really made me want to do the pageant overall was when we were handed our packets and told the prizes. The cash prizes offered somewhat interested me. The winners would receive $20,000-$50,000, but by time I’m back in school next year I would have already paid that much, so that kind of made me laugh. The best prize was for the age division 16-19. We are able to win a 2013 sports car. I lit up at the thought.
Now I am waiting for my reply to see if I have made it to the next level. I believe I have, but if so I will have complications. The days we’re supposed to practice, I will be on spring break and in South Carolina. The hotel is already paid for and I don’t want it to go to waste. My mom thinks I should go through with the pageant, but that means I’ll be sacrificing something I really want to do. I’ve been dancing for about 10 years and I have sacrificed so much just to dance, so I don’t think it’s far. If pushed to the next level I will call the people and see if I can work out something, if not then I guess I won’t be doing the pageant, sadly, but there is always next year.
Do you think I should go forward with the pageant? Or enjoy my spring break fully?

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Jefferson is for the abolishment of slavery.

In reply to question one, by Jefferson saying that blacks being inferior to whites is a suspicion does not mean it is true. One can interpret that Jefferson does not feel that blacks are completely inferior to the whites. These accusations are possible because maybe he has witnessed it for his self, but how would Jefferson’s’ European brethren would think of him of he was to give blacks some sort of praise? Jefferson’s’ words seem mixed. At some points he is in disagreement with slavery and other points he is glad to have slavery. I believe he is trying to be a pleaser. He wishes to please all of those around him by telling the people and slaves what they wish to hear, but how does he truly feel? I believe what you can assume from the rest of Jefferson’s passage is that though Europeans and Africans were made differently they are of the same genetics, both human with feelings.
Jefferson makes a statement saying that misery is the parent of poetry and that Africans possess much misery, but no poetry. So then his assumption can not be true. If misery is parent to poetry and you contain misery it is most likely that you obtain the skill for poetry. He also picks at the fact that the Africans were gifted with the talent and rhythm of music, but then contradicts his self by saying they are unable to compose. They may not write their music down, possibly, but if they have created what a European thinks is music then is that not similar to composing music? Jefferson wishes to be a pleaser because of the position he is in politically, but one can not always please everyone. Jefferson is for the abolishment of slavery, but you would never know unless looking into the deeper meaning of his published works. He could not forwardly say how he felt so use of clever speech helps him out so he can appeal to both. Yes he had slaves, yet did not set them free, but if you were European would you want someone trying to lead your country who wants to free your slaves you have purchased?
“I advance it therefore as a suspicion only, that the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind. It is not against experience to suppose, that different species of the same genus, or varieties of the same species, may possess different qualifications.” –T. Jefferson … what do you think this quote means? Examine it carefully.

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Industiral Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a time of war, power and working towards becoming a better civilization, economically and socially. Beginning in the 18TH century, many towns began to become enlightened by the thought of invention. Inventing new advances and expanding society where the key points within the Industrial Revolution that would lead these civilizations into suffering and decay.
Ideas of creation began to stir amongst many citizens and the need for more personal wants and desires for objects continued to grow. With such a high demand, more buildings had to be created to hold more workers who created the wants and needs for the people that then led to a creation of fog and despair. Hard labor and suffering grew over the towns and began to be a usual outlook of life in the 18TH century. To create advances and to hope for a better tomorrow was great, but at what cost? The smoke continued to bring sickness and disease, and the many hours of work tore the people. Maybe the thought of industrialization was not such a great idea.
Expansion has always been a leading factor in many civilizations, yet sometimes the need for expansion can go too far. By creating more buildings more black clouds of pollution were made. With people continuing to move into the cities because of its advances and the opportunities of work, less space was given and those who could afford a living area were given it while thousands who could barely survive would be moved to smaller places or to the street. Even being moved to the streets would not persuade the people to leave though. The Industrial Revolution continued to bring opportunities, the more buildings the more opportunities for work so why leave?
While trying to invent and progress society brought more factories and more people, the cities were forced to grow. By expanding, they exposed more of their pollution, decay, poverty and sickness. The Industrial Revolution was a time of sorrow and decay and continued to be for the next 300 years, until a new source was found.
What were the main point within the industrial revolution that stood out towards you?

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A Look Into My Dreams.

As a result of graduation from college, I plan on stepping out into the world, interning at local magazine companies, then, I shall venturing off to New York to intern at a world known magazine company as an assistant to the Editor In Chief. Prior to that, I will gain my professional experience; get to spend time enjoying the fashion world and learn the “do’s and don’ts” of what I plan on starting a career as, an Editor In Chief of a world known magazine, or one of my own. I settled on my career decision the summer going into my senior year. I narrowed down my decision based off of what I am most interested in and passionate about. For many years, I have been interested in clothing, accessories and shoes. Fashion has greatly opened my eyes. At heart, I am a gifted person, with a love for writing stories and poetry, and drawing people, cartoons, and other designs. I put both of my interest together, and from in-depth research of jobs that hold both criteria’s, I came upon my chosen career. To be an Editor In Chief, means that you are in the top editorial position of the magazine. An Editor In Chief is in charge of the final overlook (editing), developing visions, and keeping up to date with the most current things. To be successful in this field, you must graduate with a high school diploma, prior to that; attend college, majoring in either English or Journalism. You’re expected to earn your degree in English or Journalism, and attain your Bachelor’s, Master’s is also acceptable. It is beneficial to have a strong background in liberal arts, a broad range of knowledge and is able to keep up with current events. Also, computer skills and a good sense of language and grammar can be helpful. When picking an Editor In Chief, the qualities of leadership, excellent managerial skills, strong writing and editing, good communication skills and good people skills are taken into consideration.
Becoming an Editor In chief is an achievable goal within my grasp. For this career, I want to make sure that I attain the best knowledge that will greatly benefit me and be worth my money. There are a great number of schools that offer good journalism programs, but I want to aim higher, and achieve more than expected. With this in mind, my top two choices for school that will guarantee a great educational experience were the University of Georgia and Georgia State University. Though I currently attend Clark Atlanta University, my plan is to transfer to either school.
The University of Georgia is a highly populated school, with diversity and spreads all throughout most of Athens, GA. I have already applied for this university, so now, I await my reply. If I’m accepted into this prestigious school, I intend on majoring in the field of journalism. The University of Georgia is a phenomenal university with a wonderful journalism school, having its own building and application process to go through. I was well recommended by my older cousin, Eulethia McLin, a UGA alumni, to research this school. My other school choice, Georgia State University, is a marvelous school, spread throughout the city of Atlanta. I have also applied here and received my respond and I am glad to say that I’ve been accepted. It’s still close to home and can give me the experience of the city life, but still giving me my earned freedom as an uprising citizen. Georgia State University is a profound institute. It can, and will, open many doors into the world of journalism for me. Being in the city of Atlanta, I would be surrounded by many intern opportunities, which will be given to me as I study at this school. Thus, I will, possibly, have gained more experience than thought before I proceed off to New York to start on the process of beginning my career. What are you goals and aspirations?

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Aunt Marcy.

As my aunt Marcy shuffled about the house cloaked in black, everyone stopped in her presence and gave notice to her. She had sold her house that she worked so hard to gain complete ownership of for so long about three weeks ago. Afterwards, she went from door to door of nearby family asking for their coverage and to house her until. She promised she wouldn’t be a burden for long. Maybe it was Aunt Marcy’s appearance that had each family member she thought would welcome her with open arms slowly close the door in fear of her. Her skin once appeared a luscious chocolate; her eyes once sparkled and illuminated as the moon and her hair was as full as a stomach after two plates of Thanksgiving dinner, but that all changed. Her skin was now a dusty, wrinkled and decaying, her eyes were a dull black and her hair was uneven and void. Finally, as a last resort, at three in the morning, the bell rang continuously until answer. The door opened and in walked Aunt Marcy. She was lead to the guest room down stairs and there she stayed contained within the four walls. I would take Aunt Marcy her food daily and every time she would open the door I would notice her garments. No longer was her wardrobe abundant with life and colors. The only attire I saw her wear was black; black shirts, pants, socks, shoes and dresses. I would ask my mother “Why has Aunt Marcy moved in to our guest room? Is her house getting a make-over? And why is she wearing black? She looks so sad.” I was only six and my mother replied “Aunt Marcy needs a place to rest her head for a while. She had a couple of problems with the house, so she gave it away. Aunt Marcy gave all her clothes away to charity, she has no use for them anymore and she isn’t sad, she is doing a lot of deep thinking in preparation.” I asked what is she preparing for, but my mother ran away too soon to hear the rest of my question. After three weeks of Aunt Marcy’s company, more of our family began to appear. No one would tell me why everyone began to gather. It wasn’t anyone’s birthday and there wasn’t any reason I knew of to celebrate; maybe everyone missed each other. And every time Aunt Marcy shuffled about the house cloaked in black, everyone would stop in her presence and give notice to her. One day, I took it upon myself to see what reason Aunt Marcy was acting this way. I crept into her room on the night of a crescent moon and laid in bed beside her. She turned her head from the window that showed the light of the moon. It looked as if it were slowly disappearing. She began to speak “The time is almost near. The moon will be gone and start a new phase, a new life. But the moon will be back again and it shall show full once more. I won’t be here much longer.” “Where are you going?” I replied. “I’m taking a vacation. I don’t know where I’ll be going, but hopefully its paradise.” “Will you be back to visit?” “Indeed I will.”
This was just a random story I made up. I tried to interpret symbolism into the short story. Can you identify my use of symbolism?

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My Queens

As human-beings, we are all merely actors upon the stage known as the Earth, in a play entitled LIFE. It is our responsibility to work together to reinvent our world and create an atmosphere of acceptance and appreciation. Yet, with so much destruction within our world, people are deceived and encounter perceptions verses realities. Some wander off from certain morals and don’t know where to start to get back on the right trajectory.
From 2008-2011, I was accepted to be a part of the MLK Queens dance team at my high school. With my previous years of dance experience, I have helped those who were a part of the team, and also, those who inspired to become a member of the team. There were many girls, some who had none and some with few dance experience that needed assistance along the way. Being a part of a team of girls is never easy, but going through such altercations, verbal fights, disagreements, and other related controversy’s, made us stronger as a team. My first year upon the dance team was challenging. Yet, I stood with confidence and high standards, not letting my veteran sisters lower me or any of the other new girls. When arriving at practices, I made sure to gather my new sisters for a review of new knowledge learned on previous days, this giving us time to bond and help others in need.
Throughout my years of dancing with my teammates, we’ve lost members each year due to graduation, but we moved on and accepted our new arriving members. By my senior year, I was appointed co-captain of the MLK Queens of Halftime. This, being such a grand opportunity and responsibility, brought me great joy. My role was as such, to help cosign with the captain, appoint certain task and assist all without questions asked. Sometimes, we drew off task and began to focus on other key points such as life, school, boys and family. Some girls have been through a long history of events that discouraged them, and it brought me joy to see that they reached for something, achieved it and now look toward dancing as an outlet, and I stood as a symbol of guidance to help them reach beyond their expectations and everyone else’s.
Such bonding moments were memorable and the advice given was well appreciated. I enjoyed teaching our new girls daily things that was acquainted with dance. I took much time out of my daily life during the weekdays, summers and weekends, to give all of my dedication into this team, not just to make sure they attain the knowledge needed, but to prepare them for next year, when they shall be without me and my other graduating teammates. I would spend long hours during the summer helping review basic dance terminology, along with movements, teach them routines past down from the first formation of the team and helping them discover their inner dancer. We did fun activities such as creating your own stand routines, swag sessions, having in-depth talks and lazy days were we goofed off. Every day was not a great day as a team, sadly. There were times punishments had to be giving, to establish authority, to help build character and respect, and to attain discipline. But, it was continuously told to them not to get offended and to take the criticism and helpful advice that will better them in the future.
I feel that in doing this, it helped create more than a dance team, but even greater, a sisterhood and a family. I’ve left these girls with all my knowledge, and more, of what it means to be a Queen. Hopefully, they’ve taken in all the experiences, punishments and so, and shall apply all given into next year. In the future years, I plan on returning to the high school to check in with the team and assist the old heads, along with the new girls and make sure that there is still a bond and a family and not a dictatorship.
The experience of being on this dance team has gifted me acts of leadership, responsibilities, hard work and dedication. As I go throughout college, I shall make sure to apply these skills daily to forward my education and further my learning of life itself. Being in such positions has opened my mind, outlooks, and ways of approaching obstacles and I shall apply these abilities daily and continue to gather self-benefiting guidance’s and knowledge.
Have you ever been put into a certain leadership position? What effects has it had on you?

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Super Bowl XLVI was phenomenal this year. Though it was my first time actually watching a Super Bowl, I’d have to say that I was very impressed and look forward to next year’s Bowl. I was team Patriots this year. I do not have a specific team in sports, but since my boyfriend favorite team is the Patriots I had to support him. I was sad to see New England lose. I believed they could have won. They were in the lead the entire game after the end of the first quarter. The Patriots began to mess up with their line. Those men should have done a better work of blocking off the opposing team so Brady could get out and be able to throw the ball. I was hoping at the end if the game for a miracle, but I guess I did not hope enough. Tom Brandy’s last throw could have won them the game only if the receiver had caught the ball in the touchdown. I don’t know a bunch about football, but from I’ve seen over time makes me know for sure that Super Bowl XLVI belonged to the Patriots. Now the Giants are a good team and they played a great game, but since I stated that I don’t have a specific team then I am not being bias towards them. I am just telling the truth. Yet, the Giants won, so bravo to them. I know for sure that the Patriots will be back next year for the trophy.
The halftime show was very nice. I could tell Madonna put a lot of work and time and effort into it. The one thing I did not like though was her in heels. She seemed stiff and all the dancing she was doing didn’t look together like it should have. I know she may be trying to make a comeback, but let’s face it if you’re old then you’re old and you know what your limits are. The show received a 10 in book though. The effects and the choreography were clever and every song she sung was brilliant. The guest appearances were good too. I was delighted to see Cee Lo and Nicki. I was trying to figure out the whole time that the other celebrity guest was. She had an M on here attire. At first I thought it was Ciara, but my boyfriend said it was probably Melanie Fiona. I would have preferred Ciara.
The Super Bowl commercials were on point. They had me laughing the whole time. I love the little ETrade baby, the Doritos commercials and the Budlight commercials. I think everyone is always looking forward to the commercials because they put a smile on your face even when your teams maybe close to defeat.
What was your favorite part of the Super Bowl? What team were you rooting for?

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