Jefferson is for the abolishment of slavery.

In reply to question one, by Jefferson saying that blacks being inferior to whites is a suspicion does not mean it is true. One can interpret that Jefferson does not feel that blacks are completely inferior to the whites. These accusations are possible because maybe he has witnessed it for his self, but how would Jefferson’s’ European brethren would think of him of he was to give blacks some sort of praise? Jefferson’s’ words seem mixed. At some points he is in disagreement with slavery and other points he is glad to have slavery. I believe he is trying to be a pleaser. He wishes to please all of those around him by telling the people and slaves what they wish to hear, but how does he truly feel? I believe what you can assume from the rest of Jefferson’s passage is that though Europeans and Africans were made differently they are of the same genetics, both human with feelings.
Jefferson makes a statement saying that misery is the parent of poetry and that Africans possess much misery, but no poetry. So then his assumption can not be true. If misery is parent to poetry and you contain misery it is most likely that you obtain the skill for poetry. He also picks at the fact that the Africans were gifted with the talent and rhythm of music, but then contradicts his self by saying they are unable to compose. They may not write their music down, possibly, but if they have created what a European thinks is music then is that not similar to composing music? Jefferson wishes to be a pleaser because of the position he is in politically, but one can not always please everyone. Jefferson is for the abolishment of slavery, but you would never know unless looking into the deeper meaning of his published works. He could not forwardly say how he felt so use of clever speech helps him out so he can appeal to both. Yes he had slaves, yet did not set them free, but if you were European would you want someone trying to lead your country who wants to free your slaves you have purchased?
“I advance it therefore as a suspicion only, that the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind. It is not against experience to suppose, that different species of the same genus, or varieties of the same species, may possess different qualifications.” –T. Jefferson … what do you think this quote means? Examine it carefully.

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