Martin vs Zimmerman

February 26, 2012 a young teen by the name of Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by the neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was not charged for the crime. I think that is totally ludicrous. Watching the news on channel 34, I’ve learned that Zimmerman is racist by saying that when he is on watch duty he mainly keeps a look out for African American males. That is not right, that is bias. Why would one want to have that type of man in their program, or even the neighborhood? Zimmerman has made a few heroic acts throughout the neighborhood, but this act was not thought through and ignorant in mind. Martin was said to be walking to his family’s house at night wearing a hoodie and carrying a bag of Skittles and an Arizona Ice Tea. Zimmerman claims that the child looked suspicious and that he was up to no good. How does one look suspicious with Skittles and an Arizona? They don’t, they look suspicious because they are black and that’s what Zimmerman truly wanted to say. Zimmerman claims he shot Martin in self defense. That is false. He had motive and intent. When Zimmerman called the police he stated, “they always get away”. The police asked if Zimmerman was following the young man and he said yes, but the police told him not to do that and he agreed. It is not self defense when you are following someone else with a gun in your possession. And once the police told him to stop, he agreed, but continued in pursuit of Martin. Martin ran and was shot. I still don’t see the use of self defense for Zimmerman. The police say that they are unable to press any charges on Zimmerman, yet, because he claimed self defense. Now they must look into the case more drastically. While that is underway many African American residents are becoming restless with the case standing up for Martin in hopes that justice is served, along with the reports who state that Zimmerman is guilty and should be put away. I think Zimmerman is 100% guilty. There is no sign of innocence. What do you think of this case? Is Zimmerman innocent or guilty?

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Congratulations Sassy: March 03, 2012

Yesterday night was one of the best nights of my life. My dog, Sassy, finally had her babies. I spent the previous weekend with her while my father was away for business. I had high hopes of her having her babies while I was there so I could see them, but she didn’t sadly. While watching her I would rub her stomach, she loves her stomach to be rubbed and falls asleep each time. Every time I rub Sassy’s stomach I would feel for her babies. Each time I felt them moving I got more excited for her. My daddy said that she would be due very soon. Before he left he took Sassy to the vet and they said she would be having two, at the max three, puppies. I told my dad that went I felt the puppies in her stomach it seemed that there were four, or more. The vet was very wrong.
When I first heard of the good news I become so ecstatic. I wish I could have been there. I told my daddy to take pictures, but he told me she had only had one puppy so far. About an hour later he called back and said she had two more, but he said it didn’t look like she was done, so we waited anxiously. About two, or three, hours later my daddy called back with greater news. Sassy was up to six puppies, twice as many as predicted. I wasn’t able to receive a good picture of the puppies till this morning. They are so cute and I am very happy for Sassy and myself because I am now a grandmother, in a way.
Sadly I know we will not be able to keep all the puppies. I know for sure that we will be giving one male away to my aunt for her son. I haven’t met with my father yet to talk about what we are going to do with the other five. My daddy has no interest in selling them for profit; he just wants the puppies to go to a good and loving home. I know many people who want a puppy, but I haven’t made any promises to anyone.
Hopefully I will be able to go see my daddy, Sassy and the puppies during spring break. I get the chance to name them.
I am very anxious to meet the puppies and play with them, but I know I must wait for a while before I am able to touch them. The puppies are a mix of Yorkshire Terrier (Sassy) and Chihuahua (Rocky). I looked up the mixture and found out that the puppies are Chorkies. I am hoping that when they get older they take on more of Sassy’s hereditary genes, but if they look more like Rocky then it will still be fine.
I want send a very special congratulations to my yorkie Sassy, a proud mommy of six, March 03, 2012. Do you own any dogs? Do you remember the joy felt when you first got your dog?

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