Cause and Effect: Not Everyone Knows How To Dance

Not everyone knows how to dance. Some people learn, for some dancing comes naturally and for others they just can not dance, but there is always a possibility. Practice makes perfect, that is what I have been told and I have proven that it is true by my efforts. If you practice diligently you will progress. Like I said before everyone can not dance, but you can practice and that will get you far enough to pass by.

So you want to learn how to dance, well you have already taken the first step and that is possessing the want to dance. So next comes the practice, but one can not practice on their own. It is easier to learn when you are taught by someone who already knows what they are doing. Finding a dance studio is easy, deciding which one you want to go to is the difficult part. I suggest Dance 411 or Kameo Productions. Those are two good studios I know of. Once you decide where to go and pay the money asked for you are ready to learn how to dance.

So you take the beginners course for a couple of weeks and before you know it you are learning the basic elements of dance. With the basic elements you are able to put together your own dance, it is just that simple.

Dancing is not hard, but it is not easy. Yet, with practice and dedication to what you are doing it could be possible. My point is simply this, it is a cause and effect. You want to dance so you find a studio and take lessons for a few weeks, that’s the cause. The effect is that after your progression, slow or fast, you have learned to dance and can go on to learn more and become an even greater dancer. Practice makes perfect and that is very true.

Do you believe in the saying “practice makes perfect”? Why or why not?

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Industrial Revolution Revised

The Industrial Revolution was a time of war, power and working towards becoming a better civilization, economically and socially. Beginning in the 18TH century, many towns began to become enlightened by the thought of invention. Inventing new advances and expanding society where the key points within the Industrial Revolution that would lead these civilizations into suffering and decay.

Ideas of creation began to stir amongst many citizens and the need for more personal wants and desires for objects continued to grow. In Great Britain, during the mid 1700’s, the colonies worked with the slave trade to continue industrialism. The slaves were imported from Africa to North Carolina, goods were created in North Carolina and were then shipped to England, then England would sell off the goods made to gain profits. The usage of railroad transportation came into play shortly after, beginning a popular trend. Though the railroads connected people around the country and seemed gainful, it did more harm than thought. The railroads displaced many people and caused the ones living in more rural areas to move into the city. With the abundant number of people moving into the city, the growth of social classes began to become more prominently known.  There were the elites who were mostly wealthy, creating 01% of the population who owned factories. The middle class were people who were not rich, but not poor. They made income from the elites and took the vocation of managers, supervisors and other skilled labors. The last class was the working class. They had less money, were hourly paid and very poor. They worked from pay check to pay check and were unskilled and semi –skilled laborers. The working class was mostly the people who came out of the rural areas and were forced to move into the city.

Continental emulation began and the trend of industrial revolution began to spread quickly. Other countries desired to have the money, growth, power, gun and same influence upon others as Britain has. In order, America revolutionized, then the French, Haitian, and South America. Each revolution influenced the next and each brought more attention and citizens into their growing homes.

With more people moving in, there were became more demands an with such a high demand, more buildings had to be created to hold more workers who created the wants and needs for the people that then led to a creation of fog and despair. Hard labor and suffering grew over the towns and began to be a usual outlook of life in the 18TH century. To create advances and to hope for a better tomorrow was great, but at what cost? The factories that continued to cover the cities created a thick fog of smoke that continued to bring sickness and disease. The many hours of work tore the people. Maybe the thought of industrialization was not such a great idea.

Expansion has always been a leading factor in many civilizations, yet sometimes the need for expansion can go too far. By creating more buildings more black clouds of pollution were made. With people continuing to move into the cities because of its advances and the opportunities of work, less space was given and those who could afford a living area were given it while thousands who could barely survive would be moved to smaller places or to the street. Even being moved to the streets would not persuade the people to leave though. The Industrial Revolution continued to bring opportunities, the more buildings the more opportunities for work so why leave? While trying to invent and progress society brought more factories and more people, the cities were forced to grow. By expanding, they exposed more of their pollution, decay, poverty and sickness. The Industrial Revolution was a time of sorrow and decay and continued to be for the next 300 years, until a new source was found. What were the main point within the industrial revolution that stood out towards you?

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Vote Me ! Your Next . . .

This past week was campaign week for Clark Atlanta University. Many illustrious students were in the running for SGA President, SGA Vice President, Miss Clark Atlanta University, the royal court and more. It was a very tough competition. From early in the morning till night, the candidates stayed outside with their support group helping them promote their selves and their platform. They also had an abundant number of foods and snacks for students to indulge in. I admit that I went to many tables in order to obtain the free food. There was Chick-fil-a, BBQ, ice cream, drinks and other delicious items. Regardless of my wants for food I still gave the candidates a chance to impress me and give me their spill on what they believed they could do for Clark Atlanta University. Many people had much to say, but only few stuck with me in mind for actually having a chance at winning the desired title.
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 the school held the Miss Clark Atlanta University Pageant. I attended the pageant with my roommate. The set up was very elegant. There were silk cloths on the tables and silk on the chairs. During the pageant drinks were served and light food, though I did not receive any from the hostess. The pageant was very precise, straight to the point and short. I had no problem with that because many other pageants I have attended lasted over two hours and by that time I had lost interest. The pageant included the three candidates for Miss Clark Atlanta University 2012-2013, two contestants for Miss Sophomore, four contestants for Miss Junior and two contestants for Miss Senior. I knew few people competing and was excited to see how they performed. To be honest, there were a few mistakes with some of the candidates. During the answer portion it seemed that a few talked around the question instead of answering it straight forward, the opening number one girl continued to mess up while dancing, and the talent portion for the contestants for Miss CAU went sour. When I say it went sour, I mean that it wasn’t what I expected. The violin played was not tuned, at all. The song sung was a little of key, and the tap dancing was atrocious. Though there were flaws, as a whole the pageant was one of the best productions I have attended at Clark Atlanta University.
Friday was election day and the promenade was busy with promotion. I made sure to vote at night so I would not have to be bothered with everyone asking if I had voted yet. I wish we were able to vote for all of the classes, but as rising sophomores we only voted for SGA, our class representatives and Miss Clark Atlanta University. I thought I would have a difficult time choosing, but It was rather easy. When looking at each section I simply thought back to who I talked to and who I most remembered. If I remembered that person that means they left some sort of impression on me. This past week was fun; I am excited to see who wins. Good luck to all.
Have you ever ran for something at school (i.e. president, secretary, miss…)? What did you think about campaign week at CAU?

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I’m A Northern Girl Turned Southern Belle with A Sea Food Appetite

I’m an army brat. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, but have been all over our glorious country in less than 10 years. I made my final stop in Georgia when I was in the 3rd grade. I am now almost done with my first year of college. I guess you could say that I’m a southern belle now. Though born in the north, most of my family that I see numerously is on my mother’s side and they all live in Savannah. I love Savannah, GA. I love the trees, the ocean, the history, but most of all I love Savannah’s food. Always being surrounded by my mother’s family, I grew accustomed to eating seafood. I am a true seafood lover. I eat shrimp, fish, crawfish, lobster, oysters, clams, etc. My favorite seafood to eat is blue crabs. They are to die for. In doing a process analysis I will take you through the steps to prepare your own blue crabs so you can see the joy and taste the greatness of the sea.
First, you must go purchase live blue crabs. Yes, they must be alive. Yes, they will snap, but no they won’t be too difficult to tame. I suggest going to your local farmers market to get some fresh crabs. Gather as many as you think you may want or need. Keep them on ice until you get home. You can put them in a nice size cooler while you prepare to cook them.
Next, you gather your cooking items. You will need a deep pot, a really, really deep pot. Fill the pot with water, not to the rim, but more than half. Put the pot on high heat. Make sure to cook your crabs you have a pair or two of tongs.
Afterwards, gather the necessary seasonings to put into the water. My family likes our food spicy, so we usually use a lot of spicy seasonings. You do not have to season the water for your crabs if you don’t want to, but they do taste better in my opinion because everything taste better with a little bit of flavor.
Once your water is well seasoned and boiling, it’s time to bring forth your crabs. Put the crabs into the water one by one. Be careful, they fuss a bit and we do not want anyone to drop their crabs and have them running loose. When all of the crabs are into the water, place the top on the pot and let them cook until they turn red.
When the crabs are red, you are red to remove them from the water and serve them to your friends and/or family.
A few quick notes for everyone: I suggest you get the male crabs instead of the females. The males cost a bit more than the females, but they are meatier. When opening your crab make sure to remove the gills and scrape out the intestines and other organs. Do not eat the shells. Crabs take a little bit of work to eat, but they are worth it in the end.
Some people are not able to eat shellfish and others are particular about what shell fish they eat. Do you like seafood? Have you eaten crabs before and if so tell me your first experience.

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Oooo baby, baby.

The gift of child is a beautiful thing. I wouldn’t know personally, but when I see women within their pregnancy they seem happier and bring a brighter presence with them and I think that is just lovely. I will be joyous when it is my time to have children, but I am able to wait. I do not plan on having children until I am settled in a home with a car and stable in my career. That is my plan and I’m sticking to it. Now-a-days there are younger mothers. Not too long ago my best friend from high school had my adorable god daughter. She is just a joy and I love her so much. About a month ago, I found out that one of my best friends was pregnant; she’s about 11 weeks now. I am excited for her and even more excited for her shower in September; I think she’ll be having a boy. I have my fingers crossed. Today, April 07, 2012 I attended a baby shower with my boyfriend. The person pregnant attended high school with us. She is having a little girl named London. The shower was fun; we played many games, ate finger foods and watched as she opened her gifts with her boyfriend. Me and Korey, my boyfriend, got our friend a gift together. We got a one piece outfit with matching booties and mittens for London so she won’t scratch her face, and another outfit with diaper wipes. We tried to think a bit outside of the box so we would not get the same items as everyone else. Yet with all these young girls having babies around me, I was most surprised to find out this morning that my sister had a baby girl yesterday April 06, 2012. Most people do not know, but I have two elder sisters. They are my half-sisters, but in my family we do not use those words because regardless of who we came from we are all still siblings. My sister Felicia is 21 and my sister Ashley, who had her baby yesterday, will be 20 in October. They both live in New Jersey. It may seem strange that I am just finding out about my sister being pregnant, but the truth is that we do not have a strong bond as we once did. It is a lot to go into detail about, but to keep things short, our father stayed with me and my brother instead and we all drifted apart over time. I haven’t seen or heard from Ashley since I was a little, little girl. And I only see Felicia once every year, or every other year, but we still don’t talk. We all have a lot to catch up on and have a lot to forgive and forget, but I won’t less this non sense keep me from embracing the joy that I am an auntie. I plan on sending my sister a basket of baby stuff this upcoming week. I am going to send it to my grandma in Jersey and she will give it to Ashley. I love my sisters dearly and I hope over time we can recollect and start over.
Do you know people who have had babies at a young age?

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Inhumane Experiments: Not Every Doctor Is Nice

It is known that we live in a corrupt word. A world where the laws are flawed and acceptance of inhumane practices are approved. The government approval of human experimentation in the United States of America is horrid. I am ever more displeased that many of these experiments are conducted in facilities of high learning.
There are pros and cons to the experiments, but I believe that the cons out weigh the pros. Having these experiments done gives the world insight on possible solutions to illnesses and other medical substances, but sometimes the experimenters can take the experiments too far to where the test subjects become unaware of the substances or unclear of all the effects that may occur. This makes the experiments inhuman.
I am in disagreement with the process of experimenting on humans. I believe that there is another way to find the cause of medical issues. We do not have to test these medicines on humans.
Looking at the incidents that occurred at three Universities, stated by Ms. Williams, I was appalled that the students would go to such measures and the professors were not the voice of reason to them.
Using Tuskegee University, one of Ms. Williams mentioned colleges in her presentation; I honestly think that these people had no sense, no love of men, or that they were trying to kill off some of the Negro population. These people took advantage of old, poor Negro men unknowingly giving them syphilis and did not informing others who were a part of their experiment that they already had the disease. What sane person would do such a thing? These men believed they were receiving free health care from our government, but they were lied to and this experiment continued on for about 40 years. Most men died, while their wives contracted the disease and some infants were born with congenital syphilis.
I do not agree with any part of these inhuman experiments. What is one life to billions of lives? People may think that now, until it becomes them, their children or other close family members who are tricked into these experiments. I urge people to be aware and be safe because every doctor you meet may not be so nice.
What do you think of these experiments on human-beings? Are you for or against this? Why?

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