I’m A Northern Girl Turned Southern Belle with A Sea Food Appetite

I’m an army brat. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, but have been all over our glorious country in less than 10 years. I made my final stop in Georgia when I was in the 3rd grade. I am now almost done with my first year of college. I guess you could say that I’m a southern belle now. Though born in the north, most of my family that I see numerously is on my mother’s side and they all live in Savannah. I love Savannah, GA. I love the trees, the ocean, the history, but most of all I love Savannah’s food. Always being surrounded by my mother’s family, I grew accustomed to eating seafood. I am a true seafood lover. I eat shrimp, fish, crawfish, lobster, oysters, clams, etc. My favorite seafood to eat is blue crabs. They are to die for. In doing a process analysis I will take you through the steps to prepare your own blue crabs so you can see the joy and taste the greatness of the sea.
First, you must go purchase live blue crabs. Yes, they must be alive. Yes, they will snap, but no they won’t be too difficult to tame. I suggest going to your local farmers market to get some fresh crabs. Gather as many as you think you may want or need. Keep them on ice until you get home. You can put them in a nice size cooler while you prepare to cook them.
Next, you gather your cooking items. You will need a deep pot, a really, really deep pot. Fill the pot with water, not to the rim, but more than half. Put the pot on high heat. Make sure to cook your crabs you have a pair or two of tongs.
Afterwards, gather the necessary seasonings to put into the water. My family likes our food spicy, so we usually use a lot of spicy seasonings. You do not have to season the water for your crabs if you don’t want to, but they do taste better in my opinion because everything taste better with a little bit of flavor.
Once your water is well seasoned and boiling, it’s time to bring forth your crabs. Put the crabs into the water one by one. Be careful, they fuss a bit and we do not want anyone to drop their crabs and have them running loose. When all of the crabs are into the water, place the top on the pot and let them cook until they turn red.
When the crabs are red, you are red to remove them from the water and serve them to your friends and/or family.
A few quick notes for everyone: I suggest you get the male crabs instead of the females. The males cost a bit more than the females, but they are meatier. When opening your crab make sure to remove the gills and scrape out the intestines and other organs. Do not eat the shells. Crabs take a little bit of work to eat, but they are worth it in the end.
Some people are not able to eat shellfish and others are particular about what shell fish they eat. Do you like seafood? Have you eaten crabs before and if so tell me your first experience.

By jacquelynnichele Posted in English

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