Vote Me ! Your Next . . .

This past week was campaign week for Clark Atlanta University. Many illustrious students were in the running for SGA President, SGA Vice President, Miss Clark Atlanta University, the royal court and more. It was a very tough competition. From early in the morning till night, the candidates stayed outside with their support group helping them promote their selves and their platform. They also had an abundant number of foods and snacks for students to indulge in. I admit that I went to many tables in order to obtain the free food. There was Chick-fil-a, BBQ, ice cream, drinks and other delicious items. Regardless of my wants for food I still gave the candidates a chance to impress me and give me their spill on what they believed they could do for Clark Atlanta University. Many people had much to say, but only few stuck with me in mind for actually having a chance at winning the desired title.
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 the school held the Miss Clark Atlanta University Pageant. I attended the pageant with my roommate. The set up was very elegant. There were silk cloths on the tables and silk on the chairs. During the pageant drinks were served and light food, though I did not receive any from the hostess. The pageant was very precise, straight to the point and short. I had no problem with that because many other pageants I have attended lasted over two hours and by that time I had lost interest. The pageant included the three candidates for Miss Clark Atlanta University 2012-2013, two contestants for Miss Sophomore, four contestants for Miss Junior and two contestants for Miss Senior. I knew few people competing and was excited to see how they performed. To be honest, there were a few mistakes with some of the candidates. During the answer portion it seemed that a few talked around the question instead of answering it straight forward, the opening number one girl continued to mess up while dancing, and the talent portion for the contestants for Miss CAU went sour. When I say it went sour, I mean that it wasn’t what I expected. The violin played was not tuned, at all. The song sung was a little of key, and the tap dancing was atrocious. Though there were flaws, as a whole the pageant was one of the best productions I have attended at Clark Atlanta University.
Friday was election day and the promenade was busy with promotion. I made sure to vote at night so I would not have to be bothered with everyone asking if I had voted yet. I wish we were able to vote for all of the classes, but as rising sophomores we only voted for SGA, our class representatives and Miss Clark Atlanta University. I thought I would have a difficult time choosing, but It was rather easy. When looking at each section I simply thought back to who I talked to and who I most remembered. If I remembered that person that means they left some sort of impression on me. This past week was fun; I am excited to see who wins. Good luck to all.
Have you ever ran for something at school (i.e. president, secretary, miss…)? What did you think about campaign week at CAU?

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