Cause and Effect: Not Everyone Knows How To Dance

Not everyone knows how to dance. Some people learn, for some dancing comes naturally and for others they just can not dance, but there is always a possibility. Practice makes perfect, that is what I have been told and I have proven that it is true by my efforts. If you practice diligently you will progress. Like I said before everyone can not dance, but you can practice and that will get you far enough to pass by.

So you want to learn how to dance, well you have already taken the first step and that is possessing the want to dance. So next comes the practice, but one can not practice on their own. It is easier to learn when you are taught by someone who already knows what they are doing. Finding a dance studio is easy, deciding which one you want to go to is the difficult part. I suggest Dance 411 or Kameo Productions. Those are two good studios I know of. Once you decide where to go and pay the money asked for you are ready to learn how to dance.

So you take the beginners course for a couple of weeks and before you know it you are learning the basic elements of dance. With the basic elements you are able to put together your own dance, it is just that simple.

Dancing is not hard, but it is not easy. Yet, with practice and dedication to what you are doing it could be possible. My point is simply this, it is a cause and effect. You want to dance so you find a studio and take lessons for a few weeks, that’s the cause. The effect is that after your progression, slow or fast, you have learned to dance and can go on to learn more and become an even greater dancer. Practice makes perfect and that is very true.

Do you believe in the saying “practice makes perfect”? Why or why not?

By jacquelynnichele Posted in English

One comment on “Cause and Effect: Not Everyone Knows How To Dance

  1. I do believe in the saying “practice makes perfect”. If you kep practicing it will eventually get better and once it gets better, you keep practicing until you never get it wrong or until you never mess up. Dancing does not always come easy for some people but if you practice all the time you will eventually get it and then you practice until it is absolutely perfect. For example, I praise dance and I never, ever dance on Sunday morning not unless I know I have the dance down pact. I like for every move to be just right, flowing smoothly and transitioning to the next move. I will practice everyday until the dance is where it needs to be. I am a firm believer in the saying “practice makes perfect”.

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