Final Self Assessment

Jacquelyn Jackson
CENG (Wise) 105
November 30, 2011
Professor Peterson
Final Self-Assessment

Upon entering Clark Atlanta University there were specific goals I set for myself and a vision of how I anticipated my first semester of freshman year to start and end. Always being an ‘A’ and ‘B’ student with a GPA above 3.5, I am determined to continue with my grades being higher than average and better than the last report received. As I examine my progress through the 14 weeks of being in College Composition I (WISE) with Professor Peterson, I would personally say that I have been doing an exceptional job. I have progressed through the class and have learned new things that can further my writing. Some people say that first semester of college was a rude awakening for them and that they will do better second semester, but I say that first semester of college was challenging, fun and very helpful. I made sure to keep up with all my homework and went to no parties, but I still found time for a social life. As long as you stay focused, study, complete your work ahead of time and take notes of everything being said in class it is possible to be prosperous. Out of the many works completed The Mummy: Film Critique, Annotated Bibliography and It’s My Business: A Look at Harmony Bell are my most productive and challenging works, while my linking blogs stood out and proved that my advancement in Wise has been phenomenal, highlighting my writing progress and my flaws.

I have never done an actual film critique paper. There were some cases where my high school teacher would have the class read a book and then watch the movie and compare and contrast, but a written critique was somewhat new to me. Though given instructions and an example, this critique still proved difficult. The paper given was not an “A+” example so I tried not to follow the path it showed too much. Luckily I choose a video I was very familiar with, The Mummy. There was no need for me to watch the movie in detail, but during my writing process it was helpful to listen to it. The most exciting part of The Mummy: Well Worth the Praise First Draft is my introduction and conclusion. A most noticeable quote from the movie is used to familiarize the readers and to give them closure mimicking the movie, “Death is only the beginning,” stated by the character Eve. The most crucial work with this critique was finding exceptional critiques from studios and viewers. There were many who were dissatisfied with The Mummy, but I enjoyed this movie to the fullest and only wanted to highlight its accomplishments. Though believing this is not my best work, The Mummy: Well Worth the Prasie Revision shall discharge my writing flaws for this assignment. I did better that expected on my first draft, so after putting in the necessary changes the revised version should produce a more satisfactory grade. Revising is very easy for me and it did not take a long time to complete.

Another challenging assignment that was due was the Annotataed Bibliography First Draft I still am, not enthusiastic to site my sources only because it is a challenge. Formatting my sources is the most disputing step in composing a bibliography. Yet, working along with Professor Peterson has started to give me a clearer understanding. I was hoping to receive a satisfactory grade though I feel that since I was still unsure of my work and did not go to acquire further guidance the overall grade may be lower than expected, but once I looked at Insite I saw that for my first draft I received an 81. The grade received was better than expected. With the Annotated Bibliography Revision I am aiming for a 90 at least with hopes of redeeming myself as a professional writer.

Our first assignment in due to Insite was the Artifactual Interview, It’s My Business: A Look at Harmony Bell First Draft. This was composed for the class to complete in order to help everyone get to know their fellow classmates who they would possibly be seeing for the next four years. The task was to gather information based off of who, what, when, where and why questions. Other questions that would help the writer compose an interview of their partner were also accepted and expected. Most of my help was sought from Harmony Bell, though the communication needed was deficient. It would have made the task at hand easier if I could have had more information for my interview, but it seemed that every time I was not busy my partner was and vice versa. This assignment is my favorite because I am an inspiring journalist and writing interviews of people and other topics is what I am most interested in pursuing. This was a great first stepping stone into the field of Journalism. Writing this assignment proved to be an easier task once all the information was gathered. Due to my prior conditioning for writing essays and other material, I would estimate that it took me 45 minutes to process and write. Overall the only difficulty was turning in the work at the expected times. Though I made the first due date to Insite the second one to wordpress was missed, putting me somewhat behind. Thankfully I was able to use Grace and have no penalties against me. It’s My Business: A Look at Harmony Bell Revision turned out even better than expected thanks to Professor Peterson and her critiques. I believe if I had gone to visit her in her office more often for assistance I would have received an even more exceptional grade for my first draft.

Blogging weekly is somewhat new to me. During my senior year in high school we had to do two blogs every week that were based off Crime and Punishment, a book being read on our own time and also included a weekly response to our classmates’ blogs. When being told I would have to blog weekly on any topic I pleased because of my prior preparation in high school. I thought I that the task would be very simple, but I was surely wrong. The topic of what to blog about continued put me at a standstill. My days a very repetitive, so finding something extraordinary that will ensure me of a satisfactory grade was difficult. Thankfully Professor Peterson was not grading as difficult as I believed she would. As the days continue, blogging seems to get easier as I maneuver my way and try to find certain point’s within the week that would be seen as thought provoking. Three of my favorite blogs are Untitled: a poem, Da Cru: A Friendship, A Family and From Princess, To Queen, To Co-Captain….. To Rookie. Each blog is unique and gives insight to me as a person. Untitled is about romance and my relationship failure with a past love. This shows that I am an emotionally connected person and this blog is considered my favorite out of all the others. My second blog, Da Cru: A Friendship, A Family, is dedicated to my close friends. They are like family to me and I love them dearly. We are still connected and see each other during the holiday. They are my backbone and I am proud to share my joy with them to everyone. These types of lasting friendships we have prove friends can last forever, if they choose to. My last blog, From Princess, To Queen, To Co-Captain….. To Rookie is about dance, my passion. Though I face many difficulties and obstacles I am willing to push through the situations and prosper when others believe I will not. Dancing is my passion and I will never give up on it. Each blog is strong in its own way. The only flaws I can point out are how I am unable to control my length in my writing. I am trying to work on that every chance I get, but when I am really into a subject it is hard to stop writing.

Not all grades will be as I want them to and I am still in a learning process, so I am understanding and have no one to blame but myself. Throughout these 14 weeks I have learned that procrastination is not acceptable and will have a great impact on my work, time management is crucial and my writing is still flawed. There are many other steps to better my bad habits and I am willing to continue to work so I can be successful in every field I enter. First semester is over, but I am holding onto all the information learned and making room for next semesters, and my next three years, education. I look forward to my future because I know it is bright.


One comment on “Final Self Assessment

  1. Thank you for your post, Ms. Jackson. Great job on your multimedia.

    Your major assignments were to be the marked PDF downloads from InSite. Do you wish to change them out? If so, e-mail me ASAP once it’s done.

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