Mid-Term Self Assessment

Upon entering Clark Atlanta University there were certain goals set and a vision of how I anticipated my freshman year to start and end. I’ve always been an ‘A’ and ‘B’ student with a GPA above 3.5, I am determined to continue with my grades being higher than average and better than the last report received. As I examine my progress through the 7 weeks of being in College Composition I (WISE), I would personally say that I have been doing an exceptional job. College work has not seemed to be as challenging as other people I know have told me. As long as you stay focused, study, complete your work ahead of time and take notes of everything being said in class it is possible to be prosperous. Out of the many works completed the Artifactual Interview, linking blogs and CMS Bibliography stood out and proved that my advancement in Wise has been phenomenal, highlighting my writing progress and my flaws.

Our first assignment in class was the Artifactual Interview where I gave an explanation of Ms. Harmony Bell’s pathway to business. This was composed for the class to complete in order to help everyone get to know their fellow classmates who they would be with for the following years. The task was to gather information based off of who, what, when, where and why questions. Other questions that would help the writer compose an interview of their partner were also accepted and expected. Most of my help was sought from Harmony Bell, though the communication needed was deficient. It would have made the task at hand easier if I could have had more information for my interview, but it seemed that every time I was not busy my partner was and vice versa. Writing this assignment proved to be an easier task once all the information was gathered. Due to my prior conditioning for writing essays and other material, I would estimate that it took me 30 minutes to process and write. Overall the only difficulty was turning in the work at the expected times. Though I made the first due date to Insite the second one to wordpress was missed, putting me somewhat behind.

Blogging weekly is somewhat new to me. During my senior year in high school we had blogs that were based off of books being read, due every week, though that was not the main focus in class. When being told I would have to blog weekly on any topic I pleased, I found the task to be quiet simple, but I was surely wrong. The topic of what to blog about continued put me at a standstill. My days a very repetitive, so finding something extraordinary that will ensure me of a satisfactory grade was difficult. As the days continue, blogging seems to get easier as I maneuver my way and try to find certain point’s within the week that would be seen as thought provoking. Two of my favorite blogs are my most recent ones where the first poem, And Still You Smile is spoken by an anonymous girl and then a response, Because You Are Mine from her anonymous boyfriend is received. I based these two blogs off of what I presumed many couples may be going through at times because I know as women, we can tend to become over dramatic and overbearing. These two blogs link together and can give women the response that most men are too proud to sometimes express.

The most recent assignment that was due was the Annotated Bibliography where I discussed Ancient China and the reforms that shaped their foundation. I was, and still am, not enthusiastic to site my sources only because it is a challenge for me. Formatting my sources is the most disputing step in composing a bibliography. Yet, working along with Professor Peterson has started to give me a clearer understanding. I am hoping to receive a satisfactory grade though I feel that since I was still unsure of my work and did not go to acquire further guidance the overall grade may be lower than expected. There is still a set amount of time for me to try and redeem myself. With this, I hope that my final draft is acceptable.

The collaboration of English and History is very interesting. This method is somewhat helpful. There is only one major paper that will have an extensive impact on our grade in History. Formatting, including supporting evidence, and diction, all components of English, play a key role in making sure the paper is sufficient. Having to turn in our Cultural Analysis paper to Professor Peterson before Professor Underwood, did not make sense at first, but now it is seen that we are receiving a guide and critique before the actual paper is due. This collaboration is encouraged for other courses and gives a better comprehension to each subject.

Not all grades will be as I want them to and I am still in a learning process, so I am understanding and have no one to blame but myself. Throughout these 7 weeks I have learned that procrastination is not acceptable and will have a great impact on my work, time management is crucial and my writing is still flawed. There are many other steps to go through to ensure that at the ending of this semester the grade I have set as my goal is reached. My three mentioned works are an example of my progression in English and together show me that I am an excellent writer, and with more work I can be better than I am now. Nothing is achieved without hard work, so I must continue to strive for excellence and put my best work forward in order to receive the grade I want and deserve, prosper to my next classification and assist me toward my career.


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