Mid Term Self Assessment

Jacquelyn Jackson
CENG (Wise) 106
March 14, 2012
Professor Peterson
Midterm Self-Assessment

First semester of college as a freshman went by quickly and now we’re in the mist of completing the first half of our second semester. I always create a list of goals for myself in hopes that I accomplish them. Last semester, before transferring into my winter break, I wrote in my agenda specific goals for myself and I had a vision of how I anticipated my last semester of freshman year to start and end. Last semester I ended it with four A’s and two B’s with a GPA above 3.5 showing that I am determined to continue with my grades being higher than average and better than the last report received. This semester the major difference I hope to attain is to leave Clark Atlanta University with all A’s and a 4.0 GPA. As I look at my progress through these few weeks of being in College Composition II (WISE) with Professor Peterson, I would personally say I have not been doing a great job. I thought I was progressing through the class. I have learned new things that can further my writings, but my grades are not reflecting this. I am currently at a 78 which to me is basically saying I have failed the class. Some people say that first semester of college was a rude awakening for them and that they will do better second semester, but I say that once coming back off of a very long winter break second semester of college was a huge slap in the face for me. The work seems more challenging and I am not making it through steadily. I believe I have not mentally returned from winter break, but it is slowly coming back to me. With all this said I will not fret, but try to continue strong. I still have time to redeem myself and as long as I stay focused, study, complete my work ahead of time and take notes of everything being said in class it is possible to be prosperous. Looking at the works I have completed thus far I would say that my research prospectus on Andrew Jackson was very productive and informative, the blogs on Washington and Dubois, along with my writing on Equiano, opened my eyes on a broader view of slavery and the three out of the eight blogs I have completed stood out showing that my days, unlike last semester, are becoming less repetitive. Each work highlights my writing progress and my flaws throughout Wise.

Creating a research prospectus did not seem as challenging. The main problem I stumbled upon was my slave, Andrew Jackson. It was very difficult to find any sources related to him. Most of the sources all linked to President Andrew Jackson or other more famously known men. I was at a standstill until meeting with one of my group members who suggested going around Andrew Jackson, meaning to not focus solely on him but other aspects that were related to him. My research then began to become less complicated. Though given instructions and an example, this prospectus proved to still be complicated. The paper given was not an “A+” example so I tried not to follow the path it showed too much, just its structure. Another challenging task was citing in MLA. It has been a while since I have had to cite in MLA. I had to refer to my text and Purdue Owl constantly, but I was able to successfully cite. Overall I believe I should receive a passing grade, though I know there are few aspects I must work on. Hopefully after reviewing my research prospectus critiques my final draft will outdo my first and show that the lessons taught were well applied.

The most recent blog assigned was Washington and Dubois: Two Great Men with Similar Aspirations. These two men had very valid points. I do not believe that neither man was trying to put any Negro down, but more so uplift them. There are some major differences that cause each man to react as they do and to choose their diction carefully as well. In order to successfully blog I had to re-read both online texts. This gave me a better understanding then I had before. I was able to take more suitable notes so when I finally began to type my paper I could easily go to the points that stood out to me. I did come in contact with some technically difficulties during my work. I was unable to connect to the internet so I could not post my blog. Regardless I went on and typed up my paper. Using grace was not an option for me. Lucky I was able to get the internet connection to work and I was able to submit my paper ahead of time and still had time to revise if needed. Other then the technical difficulties I did not have any trouble with my Washington Vs Dubois. I believe I did an exceptional job. Another similar work that I favor is my blog on Equiano. The most interesting parts of Equianos’ narrative were how he made it appeal to both the Europeans and the colored people. He relayed two messages that spoke to both groups and only the ones who were colored understood his message fully. It was funny and made me think that the whites contradicted their selves because they claim that the Negros were inferior to them in many aspects, but it seemed that they lacked the intelligence in word usage to understand what Equiano was truly saying. It wasn’t difficult to gain a general idea of what I planned on writing about. The only difficulty I had was citing. I am not sure if I did my in-text citation correctly. Hopefully the in-text citation will not affect my grade too badly. Overall I believe I did a great job on both writings and each gives an opening welcome for responses.

At first, blogging weekly was very difficult for me. My days use to be very repetitive. I would wake up, go to class, do my homework, go to Essence Danceline practice, take a shower, go to sleep and then repeat. So finding something extraordinary that will ensure me of a satisfactory grade was difficult. I recently resigned from the team for my own personal reasons and now I have more free time in my afternoons to do as I please. I believe dancing was holding me back, but now I experience many things daily and have plenty to blog about. Three of my favorite blogs are Me? Your Next Miss Teen 2012?, My Queens, and A Letter to my High School Underclassmen. Each blog is unique and gives insight to me as a person. Me? Your Next Miss Teen 2012? is one of my most recent blogs. I received a letter in the mail a few weeks ago saying that I was referred to the 2012 Miss Teen pageant. I was first skeptical of participating in the pageant because I had many doubts and judged it as an activity mostly rich people could only afford, but after going to the interest meeting my perceptions changed. I have decided that I will be participating in the pageant, as long as I can get sponsors to help me along the way I believe everything else will fall into place. My second blog, My Queens, is about my high school dance team the MLK Queens of Halftime. It explores my journey through my first year and to my graduating year. This blog shows the trials, tribulations, lost and bonding moments I have experienced with my team that has made me the better person I am today. I have learned a lot from the Queens and I miss my team greatly. I hope for the best for the next generation of leaders and Queens. They are like family to me and I love them dearly. My last blog, A Letter to my High School Underclassmen, was composed my senior year of high school. The title was first A Letter to my Underclassmen, but now that I’m in college I felt the need to change the title so it can be known which type of underclass I was referring to. This paper was an opportunity for my senior English class to share helpful advice to the current and incoming freshman. The paper I wrote is extraordinary. I believe, if given to an underclassman, this paper would greatly help them and give them an inside look into high school before their first day. Each blog has its strong and weak points. The only flaws I can point out is how I can sometimes write too much. I am trying to work on that every chance I get, but when I am really into a subject it is hard to stop writing.

All of my grades won’t be satisfactory, but I am willing to accept that because I am still in a learning process and mistakes will happen. With my mistakes I learn and apply it to my life and future works. Throughout these few weeks I have learned that procrastination is not acceptable and will have a great impact on my work, time management is crucial and my writing is still flawed. I have a lot of work to do if I plan on attaining a 4.0 GPA at the end of this semester and I am willing to continue to work so I can be successful in every field I enter. First semester is over, second semester is here and half way completed. I have not made a good first impression, but I am holding onto all the information learned and making room for corrections. I look forward to my future because I know it is bright.


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