Research Proposal – The Tales of the Geisha: Pre and Post Imperialism

Geisha means arts person, so in Japan the Geisha’s are looked at as artisans. They sell their skills and talents, not their bodies. Throughout their life they are trained in preparation to entertain. Geisha’s were highly favored and praised throughout their society until after the intrusion of the American’s.  Giving insight to what happened after World War II, where their whole society and everything they ever knew was destroyed; the traditions and customs once held dearly were all taken away. The most beautiful and known geisha was now just another common worker.  The conventions of Geisha’s were lost and weren’t thought to reappear until later years where now the meaning of Geisha is misinterpreted. My research shall explore pre and post imperialism and the effects it had on Geisha’s. This topic examines the life a Geisha pursued before the intrusion of American military, highlighting the drastic changes during the civilizing movement and giving a brief insight on the current lives of Geisha’s. By using printed resources and relevant electronic sources I will be able to show the history and cause and effect of the continuation of imperialism. By doing this one can narrow down the reasons for the American incursion and the effects upon the Japanese.



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